Monday, 17 February 2014

It's been so long

Oh, dear. I had such good intentions, but you know what they say about those!

This blog was supposed to be a way for me to keep track of my stitching but I fell by the wayside and I'm struggling to remember what I stitched, and when.

Any road up, I'll try again. (It would help if I could remember how to type. It's taken ages to get this far!)
 Last time I blogged, I think I had finished stitching Diligence but the poor thing lay around until just before Christmas, when a trip to the Range resulted in the purchase of a frame for the princely sum of £8.99. A few (OK, a lot) of swear words later, Diligence was ready to hang in all its glory.

 Linen - 35ct from kit
Threads - AVAS from kit
Now, this is where things get a bit hazy.  I think the next thing I stitched was another Scarlet Letter sampler, Bird in Bough.  The kit was beyond my means so I ordered the chart, along with two others (more on those later).  I had a piece of 36ct Edinburgh linen in flax and, a quick tea bath later, I had my linen and I went with the DMC conversion.  It would be lovely to be able to stich with AVAS silks all the time but DMC suits my wallet.
There are two charts to choose from; a straightforward cross stitch chart and one with the bough and leaves stitched in split stitch and stem stitch. Guess which one I chose? Yep, always make things hard for myself! Once again, the trip to The Range secured a frame (£3.99!) and we were good to go.
Now, I know I've stitched more stuff, but this is all I can find on my camera. It's a Christmas ornament from, I think, The Gift of Stitching. I stitched it twice so that I could make it into a biscornu.  The blue side is GAST Chalk on 32ct Belfast - Blue Spruce and the white side is DMC 931 (I think) on a scrap of 32ct Belfast, possibly Antique White.
The air is turning blue, here, as my arthritic fingers keep hitting the wrong keys so I will finish this post and go hunt for some more stitching to photograph for another post.
Regards, Anne


Carmen Sutton said...

Hi Anne lovely finishes. You sound like me when the computer is not doing as I think it should. I to love silk, but DMC loves me. Just got done with market and am to tried to stitch!

Diana said...

All three projects are so beautiful..I hope some day to finish all my WIPs, maybe when I retire from work. I agree on the silk threads too, my fingers prefer dmc and other cottons.