Sunday, 14 April 2013

The latest big project

Last year (2012), I treated myself to a few charts for my birthday. One of the charts was "an Elizabethan Purse" by Dames of the Needle and I thought it was all cross stitch.  Boy, was I ever wrong!!

I bought the chart because I wanted to try a new (to me) finish and I liked the idea of the purse with accessories. What I got was what looked like a book with all the instructions for the many stitches as well as the finishing instructions.

The first set of pictures shows the actual purse.

The purse has quite a variety of stitches as well as cross stitch - Montenegrin, tent, Palestrina Knot,
 Linen stitch, Alycia Lace, alternating fly, rice, Smyrna Cross plus some others I can't remember.

The next photos show the pincushion, the scissors fob, the scissors case and the needle book.

I would show the inside of the needle book but I went a bit wonky with the lining and the pocket so it remains firmly closed.
The purse took some time to put together since it all stitched by hand and included gussets and a silk lining. That's not to say it was difficult, just slow going.  It hasn't put me off trying another purse in the future.
Ok, that's the big stuff recorded. Now I need some sunshine so that I can take photos of the small stuff.
Until next time,