Tuesday, 5 February 2013

At last, my own blog

OK, deep breath. I can write a blog post. It can't be that hard. Here goes.

A Canny Stitcher. In Scotland, canny means "thrifty" or "frugal". In North East England it means "pleasant". I know I'm the first and I hope I'm the second.

I want this blog to be a record of my stitching endeavours since I can't remember what I've stitched in the past or where the charts came from.

 I tend to stitch smalls using freebie charts so I'd like to thank all you lovely people who are so generous with your designing skills because, without you, I would struggle to keep going with my relaxing hobby.

After Christmas and birthdays, I usually have money to spend on lovely stash. Would you like to see what I got this year? Here's hoping this works!

This is 40ct Newcastle Flax linen, 32ct Belfast Blue Spruce linen and some Belle Soie and GAST threads, just because. I ordered these from Sew and So on the Monday morning and the postman delivered them on the Tuesday morning. Now, that's what I call "service".

My other purchase was the Diligence sampler from The Scarlett Letter. I'm stitching this with my friend, Irene as a SAL and as part of Nicola's Scarlett Letter Challenge.

Can you see how much linen there is! I nearly had a hairy fit when I opened the kit. I've never stitched something this big, before, and I'm finding it a challenge to cope with all that fabric. Still, I'm enjoying the stitching and the colours are much brighter than my usual pallette.

Hmmm. I was worried that I would be staring at a blank screen but it seems I can't stop. I'll see if this will publish and I will try to do the fancy stuff, like creating links, another day.

Regards, Anne.