Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Long time, no post

With all the good weather we've been having, I've spent more time outdoors and so less time stitching.

I do have a new start. This is a kit that the lovely Carmen gifted to Irene and me. Carmen sent two kits with the instructions to fight it out decide between us who would stitch which (does that make sense?).  Irene decided that she probably wouldn't stitch this one so generously gave it to me.


The Golden Garden Sweet Bag by Forget-me-not in Stitches.

Here is my progress so far.

Not much to show, yet, because I have two major problems.  I have lost the ability to count and, although I can read the words, I have lost the ability to understand what I'm reading!!!   Plus, I think there is a whole family of frogs hiding in the Golden Garden!
The forget-me-not flowers and the butterfly have been stitched twice and that's not counting the many individual stitches that have been removed and done over....and over (it's the counting thing).
Now, I usually stitch one project at a time but this stitching was threatening my sanity so I have been catching up on Marly's pears.
The Christmas one was done a while ago and the other two I've stitched in the past three weeks. 
 You may have noticed that they are, as yet, unfinished. This has made me realise something about myself and my approach to stitching. 
I like to stitch for the sake of stitching. I'm not so good at finishing my finishes, if that makes sense.
Exhibit A
I was looking for something else (which I didn't find) when I came across this little lot!
Guilty as charged, my Lord.
I should be ashamed of myself but they'll get done some day....I hope.
A little story to illustrate the problems I face in everyday life.
I had been working in the garden when my son put in an appearance.
Me: You can really see the couch grass since I pulled out the ..em.. what-ye-mi-callems.
Son: you mean the FORGET-ME-NOTS!
No, don't laugh. My mother always told me it was rude to mock the afflicted.
Regards, Anne