Monday, 25 February 2013

Progress and some history

I've managed some progress on Diligence.

The wording is over one and is taking some time but I do enjoy stitching verses and alphabets.
And now for the history.  I want this blog to be a record of my stitching since I can never remember what I've stitched or when I stitched and I have given some items as gifts so have no record of them.
I started cross stitching about 20 years ago and stuck to kits and freeby kits from magazines.  Unfortunately, I didn't really like the designs because they were either cute or chintzy - not my style - but I enjoyed the process of stitching.
Fast forward to 2008 and an aquaintance set up a needlecraft store in town. She started a stitching group as a way of encouraging business and suggested I  take part.That was where I met Irene and that was the start of my new phase of stitching.
Irene has been such a bad influence an  enabler. She introduced me to evenweave and linen and let me borrow some of her charts (mainly American designs). Oh, and she introduced me to silk threads and I fell in love!
Stitching on a budget means I tend to stich smalls so I am not paying lots of dosh for framing but, every now and again, I give myself a challenge.
The first big piece I worked in was Mary Wigham, in 2009. Poor Mary languished in a drawer until autumn, 2012, when the Range opened a store in town and I was able to buy a frame and frame her myself. 
She was stitched, over one, on 28ct evenweave (can't remember which) using the recommended DMC
with one or two substitutions and I replaced the intitials with those of my own family.
Hmm. This post is becoming wordy so I'll finish,now, and leave my other oldies for another post.
Cheers, Anne.