Monday, 25 March 2013

Order, order

I have been trying to put my finished pieces into some kind of date order and it's proving quite a challenge. With a bit of luck, this blog will allow me to keep a better record of what I have stitched and when I finished it.

I've taken some pics of older pieces and, hopefully, they are in the correct order.

First up is a piece of freestyle embroidery stitched in 2008 at a time when I wasn't sure what type of needlework I wanted to do.

The design came from Inspirations magazine, but I gave a load of magazines to a friend who was convalescing and this was one of them so I have no idea of the issue number.

Cross stitch won out over other forms of needlework and this is a freebie from Blue Ribbon Designs, stitched in 2010.
This was stitched over one on 28ct evenweave using DMC threads. The frame came from Poundland and this was the only stitching that would fit!

I know there seems to be a big gap between the first piece and the second but that is because most of my stitching is of smalls such as pincushions and needlecases and I haven't got around to photographing them yet. If we ever see the sun again, I might be able to take some more pictures!

Next up, we have two versions of Blackbird Designs "les petite lettres rouge" stitched for my Grandmothers.

Annie Flett was my paternal grandmother, known as Little Granny because she was tiny, and Alexina Garvick was my maternal grandmother, known as Big Granny.  Not that she was actually big - she was just bigger than Little Granny.

Next on the catwalk, we have Tree of Life Sampler from Cross Stitcher Magazine, issue 230, stitched over one on 28ct cashel linen in 2010.

I think I used the recommended DMC for this one.
It was about this time that I decided to give myself more of a challenge and that was because I saw the Betsy Morgan Tiny Treasures in Inspirations magazine, issue 65. I think this was the first time I had stitched on 32ct Belfast linen.  It was also the first time I changed the threads. I can't remember what were the recommended threads but I converted them to Hand Dyed  Fibres.

If you've ever seen the magazine, you may notice that there is an extra item. The thimble pod on the right was in a previous issue (could be 63) and it is a perfect match to the other pieces. The stitching was no problem but the finishing involved much huffing and puffing and, maybe, just a few swear words!

Ok, I think that will do for now. It's getting late and I have a headache so an early bed is in order.

Regards, Anne


Starry-eyed stitcher said...

I have seen lots of these projects in real life and they are beautiful. Looking forward to seeing all your 'smalls' here too. Irene xxx

Diana said...

Thank you for the "inspiration", now maybe I'll get started on one of the beautiful projects too!